Facts about how our brains work:

  • Most of our communication is non-verbal
  • Recording of events is higher for visual information : you can remember 10% of what you hear but up to 80% of what you see! 

And still most presentations are 100% made of slides and bullet points and most participants wish they were somewhere else. 

As a founding partner of the graphic facilitation collective THINKPEN  I believe in the power of images. Thinkpen is a group of  illustrators and designers who can do more than just draw. We can support your communication in 2 ways: visual facilitation and tailor-made illustrations.


Graphic recording and Visual facilitation

  • Live visual protocols of presentations and workshops 
  • Motivation, strategy, creativity and management seminars and workshops
  • Makes ideas and concepts visible to all participants
  • Enhances interaction through the association of ideas, boosts meeting productivity

Participants are invited to take an active part in analysis and in the search for creative solutions;  the process becomes interactive, dynamic and stimulating. This is an exciting way to use the potential of visual communication and to increase the impact of meetings and seminars.

Abbvie, Airplus, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer, Deloitte, Evonik, Goodyear, Lilly Pharma, Lidl, Linde Gas, Lufthansa, Sanofi, UBS, Visa etc. to name a few.


Tailor-made illustrations

We create tailor-made illustrations in a wide range of styles and techniques to make your presentations, newsletters and other corporate communications appealing, witty and straight to the point. We will help you give shape to your concepts; create characters to embody a  brand, a strategy, your vision and mission,  and merge them into a Big Picture. 


Interested? Check our websitewww.thinkpen.de            

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