Flo in CopenhagenI was born and raised in Paris. After my Anglo-American studies (M.A. with honors, University Paris X-Nanterre) in Paris and Edinburgh, I was quite keen to see the big big world, and I lived and worked in Scotland, Chile, and Mexico before settling in Germany with my family in 2001. I pursued my career in training and marketing until I (re-)discovered painting and drawing in Mexico and took a professional training course in visual communication and illustration (Ecole Universelle Paris). I have been working since 2006 as a freelance illustrator for publishing companies as well as in the non-book sector, designing among other things greeting cards, logos and print materials for small to middle-sized companies. Lately my focus has been on illustrating children’s books and teaching material for young adults for Langenscheidt. I live near Frankfurt am Main with my husband, our three daughters and a (wonderful) cat.

Member of the German Illustrators’ Association (Illustratoren Organisation,)  


  • 2004: BSW collective exhibition across Germany
  • 2005: “Lust”, Illustratoren Organisation, Gallus theater, Francfort
  • Nov. 2010 : “Frankfurt Bilder”, Bibliothekszentrum Sachsenhausen, Francfort
  • Feb. 2011  : “Frankfurt Bilder”, Eloquia, Francfort
  • Nov. 2011 : “Bilder Tanzen-Tanzen Bilder”, Ballet im Hof (exhibition, music and choregraphies), Francfort
  • Apr. 2012 : “Nacht des Legenden”, Eloquia, Francfort
  • 2-4  Nov 2012 : “32 Illustratoren am Main” Atelierfrankfurt
  • 9-10 Nov 2013 : “Gemischte Platte”, Galerie Hübner, Grüneburgweg, Francfort
  • March-Apr 2014: “Kinder-und Jugendbuchillustrationen Rhein-Main”; Gallustheater, Francfort
  • Sept 2014: “Wie der Kleine Fuchs, die Liebe Entdeckt – Kinderbuchillustrationen”, Stadtbücherei Kronberg
  • 7  Oct-11 Nov 2014: “Frankfurt Bilder”, Stadtbücherei Kronberg
  • 22 Feb-11 Apr 2015: “Kinder-und Jugendbuchillustrationen Rhein-Main”, Gallustheater, Francfort
  • 14-15 Nov 2015: Gemischte Platte II, Galerie Hübner, Frankfurt
  • 12 Feb-15. Apr. 2016: “À Table – Zu Tisch” Galerie Kerstner, Kronberg im Tauus
  • 30 March-Apr 2017 “Heroes, Outlauws, Funny Fellows”, Galerie Hübner, Frankfurt
  • 17-18 Feb 2018 “Tete à Täät in Darmstadt,” Illustre Gestalten, collective exhibit, guest of honour France, Zentralstation Darmstadt